Downloading Data

Reservoir data provided by this website is available for download in CSV and JSON format. Historical data for individual reservoirs can be downloaded by adding .csv to the end of the reservoir's url. It's also possible to get data for the last year and last 30 days by adding -1year.csv and -30day.csv to the end of the urls, respectively. For example, the download links for Lake B. A. Steinhagen are:

Aggregate reservoir storage data (e.g. total storage statewide, by basin, climate region, municipal area, etc.) can also be downloaded in CSV format. The download links are available by appending .csv, -1year.csv and -30day.csv to the urls. Example download urls:

Recent conditions for statewide reservoirs and reservoirs aggregated by different areas (regional planning, river basin, etc.) are available in GeoJSON format. These can be downloaded by adding /recent-conditions.geojson to the end of their respective urls. Example download urls:

Statewide recent conditions are also available in CSV and plain JSON formats in the urls below:

Links to download the datasets are also available in the respective web pages.